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Ficifolia Lodge, Kangaroo Island South Australia

At  Ficifolia Lodge, we offer you modern self contained accommodation right here in the heart of Kangaroo Island located in the faming township of Parndana.  Staying with us allows you to make the most of your time during your visit to this beautiful Island.  Here are some of the attractions you can enjoy during your stay.

Parndana is often refered to as "the gateway to Flinders Chase National Park".  Ficifolia Lodge caters for small families, couples and small groups travelling together, with a total sleeping capacity of 14.  Click here to read about our accommodation choices.

If you are travelling with family and or friends why not consider booking the entire property for your next holiday to Kangaroo Island
  We offer special rates for these type of bookings


Parndana township offers excellent facilities,  including a local Hotel, Parndana Hotel, two Cafes, 7 day bakery/supermarket, Deli, Post Office, Mechanical servicing and Fuel supplies. 

There are many natural walking trails in and around the township for you to enjoy.  A short distance from the town, is the Parndana Golf Course which offers a great place to have a hit of golf or just to explore the area.  The township is surrounded by natural bushland unique to the Island and the Golf Course is great place to take a leisurely walk  to discover the beautiful flora and fauna living in harmony with the local community.  Only a short stroll from Ficifolia Lodge, the Parndana Golf Course offers excellent place to wander around to discover a variety of Kangaroo Island wildlife. Best times for wildlife viewing is early in the morning and later in the day close to dusk.

Kangaroo Island is an unspoilt holiday destination that offers a diverse range of landscapes, native vegetation areas, beautiful beaches
Just 15kms from the shores of mainland South  Australia, this Island deserves your visit for more than 1 day !

Kangaroo Island Map, South Australia


Kangaroo Island, South Australia
The Kangaroo Island Yacca, or Tates Grass Tree, is a rare species - on mainland Australia.

There are only a few thousand specimens.  On Kangaroo Island however, they are in aubundance - but given their slow rate of growth and no protection, they would be wiped out rapidly. It is because of this that the Xanthorrhoea is protected, and harvesting is limited to dead plants only.

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Ficifolia Lodge, 4 Star Accommodation, Kangaroo Island
Ficifolia Lodge - Kangaroo Island


ficifolia flower - places to see in Australia

           Eucalyptus ficifolia 

          "Red flowering gum"

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Modern Self Catering & Bed And Breakfast Style Accommodation
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